The project usually assists BiH’s inner and you can local combination by boosting their trick transport system
The project usually assists BiH's inner and you can local combination by boosting their trick transport system

The latest EBRD is offered delivering a good sovereign loan so you can Bosnia and you will Herzegovina ("BiH") in the amount of around EUR 220 billion as on-lent towards the Federation from Bosnia and you will Herzegovina Motorways Ltd ("FBHM" otherwise "Client") through Federation out of Bosnia and you can Herzegovina ("FBH") toward build out of another type of Corridor Vc motorway element of whenever 15 kilometres regarding Mostar North Interchange towards Mostar South Interchange (Project). The project is anticipated to profit regarding a good investment grant into the the level of EUR 150 million regarding the Eu ("EU") according to the Western Balkans Funding Build ("WBIF").

Your panels boasts one interchange towards north-end, a two kilometres much time canal in the middle of this new part and you can roads linking the fresh new motorway with the existing https://kissbrides.com/ecuadorian-women/cuenca/ trunk area road M17. The project is actually a follow-on operation on the Bank's prior methods towards framework from secret motorway chapters of Passageway Vc in the BiH hence links Port away from Ploce into the Croatia which have Budapest that's an element of the West Balkans Center Circle

Enterprise Objectives

Help away from BiH's monetary invention and share so you're able to the regional and you may European consolidation because of the improving contacts ranging from their head metropolises and anywhere between BiH and neighbouring regions.

Change Impression

The project will strengthen (i) market competitiveness that have establish of an industry plan statement and you may solution top contract within FBH peak and (ii) long lasting on the advent of an electronic toll collection ("ETC") program additionally the Motorway providers elevating industrial capital through ties.

Client Advice

The customer try Motorways of your Federation from Bosnia and you can Herzegovina, a community organization completely owned by the federal government of your Federation out of Bosnia and you may Herzegovina. The firm is responsible for the development, procedure and you can maintenance away from motorways and you can expressways on the FBH.

EBRD Finance Summary

A sovereign mortgage of up to EUR 220 million on-borrowed so you're able to in order to FBHM that have back-to-right back ensure off FBH. The customer get think capital away from several other IFI otherwise bank hence could potentially drop-off EBRD's coverage towards Project.

Full Venture Pricing

Total investment package is sold with EUR 220 mil sovereign mortgage and you can EUR 150 billion WBIF offer. The fresh new Buyer's sum out-of EUR 63 mil try envisaged to have VAT cost.


The fresh new additionality of one's EBRD money includes: (i) the financing structure; (ii) financing mobilisation; (iii) risk minimization; and you can (iv) standard-setting: corporate governance advancements.

Environment and you can Societal Realization

Category Good (ESP 2019). The project is sold with the building and you will operation/restoration away from an excellent 14.dos kilometres section of motorway of Mostar Northern interchange with the Mostar Southern area interchange during the Federation from Bosnia and you may Herzegovina. It endeavor is part of the higher trans-European Vc corridor hooking up Budapest (Hungary) so you can Port off Ploce (Croatia). A representative is retained accomplish the new total Environmental and you may Social Feeling Investigations (ESIA) revelation package. New ESIA documents is actually shared with the EBRD's webpages on and you will includes the following files:

The September is sold with a listing of guidance revelation and you may neighborhood conferences conducted thus far, as well as an outline of one's then disclosure/consultation items. Several short session group meetings had been stored towards the key stakeholders inside the ESIA thinking along with four environmental non-governmental organisation (NGOs), representatives off Local Groups (LCs) Vrapcici, Gnojnice, Bijelo Polje and you may Kuti and you may associated ministries and local government. Attention is paid off to see connections regarding returnees to assess its vulnerability and you can potential project concerns. The latest ESIA personal disclosure and you can public hearing have been organized throughout the structure regarding federal ecological effect evaluation techniques. NGOs and agencies out-of LCs participated in this technique as well as their comments were considered throughout finalisation of the ESIA bundle. The results from public engagement was summarised regarding the September and you can Public Visit Statement (PCR). So it PCR was blogged into EBRD webpages throughout the the next quarter away from 2022.

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